Mac Mini M2 8 Go for Roon


I’m wondering if 8 go is enough on a Mac Mini M2 to run Room ?


On an Intel NUC, Roon recommends 4GB of RAM for a small to medium sized library and 8GB if you have a very large library, or make heavy use of DSP, so you should be fine.
I’m currently using a 10 year old Mac with a 2.8GB Intel i5 processor and it has no problem running Roon to a couple of endpoints with no DSP.

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Will it only be running Roon? As in, a headless unit with no other software running?

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I would go for 16 GB if budget allowed, the 16 GB is not for Roon but MacOS would run better on 16 GB.


I’ve ran an M1 Mac mini with 16 gb and now an M2 also with 16gb. I’ll check the stats in the morning to see what the ram usage has been over the last few weeks.

Mines running as a headless unit for Roon and MinimServer and works flawlessly.

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Yes, I have a 2010 Mac Mini & Audirvāna, I’m looking for a brand new one for Roon, dedicated and headless

I can but 230€ …


If you are looking for an affordable Roon server then consider the recently announced Nucleus One. £500 plus storage.

seems like overkill when that new Roon server is 500. I was looking at a Mac Mini in that configuration, but not headless and for more than just music

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True, but in this case I’m chained to Roon. Today I have a subscription to Audirvana Studio, I want to test Roon & potentially
replace Audirvana.

Then, even though I have a MacBook Pro M3 & a NAS, I can use the Mini M2 if I need to. Of course, that’s not the point.

Ok… here are the screen shots for memory usage over the last 30 days. Roon is using approx 2.5GB of ram. I’ve set it to automatically restart every day in the early hours of the morning.

I guess 8 vs 16 ram will come down to the size of the library and whether you want to use more than one server app. With Apples no fuss returns, you could go with the 8GB and if you feel it’s laggy or not enough, return and order the 16GB.

Mac mini M2 16GB usage



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Perhaps consider the new Roon Nucleus,One - fully automated headless operation from the get go, just add storage.

Reconfiguring Mac Mins, Intel NUC’s, PC’s, etc. for headless operations is a right PITA and then, for various reasons, tweaking the BIOS just adds to the fun……

Just a thought.


Whether a Mac mini is the best option or not will come down to whether you intend to use other software. Minimserver, HQPlayer or other Roon alternatives.

As for setup (Mac mini). I had mine configured and up and running in less than 20 mins. There isn’t much to do.

If you only ever intend to use Roon, then there new offering maybe a good choice but, I’d want to know the CPU spec etc first. At the end of the day, all Roon built servers use Intel NUCs, just different generations and the difference in speed of operation between a Gen 7 NUC (that I used to have) and the M2 is massive so you want to make sure what you’re getting.

You just have to take a look at the Roon Support forums to see complaints of lagging on many systems. I have a feeling the software is very different now to version 1.8 that easily ran with 4-8GB of ram.

As said, I don’t want to be chained.

I agree, first I’m wondering about the RAM but I think that, Roon or not Room, 8 Go in 2024 is a bad idea.

In fact, the first advantage of Roon, for me, is to be able to drive both my Naim Uniti HE/Utopia 2022 & my Canor DAC / Octave V110SE / Utopia Diablo.

I think 16gb ram is probably the safer bet, it will certainly provide you with more options and increase the lifecycle of the mini.

this may add some insight - @Deeg posted this in another thread on the Mini vs Studio