Mac -> NDX2 direct network connection

Like many others, I’ve been evaluating whether I need all of the tens of devices I have powered up in my home 24/7. Some of those devices include additional networking equipment for my system - especially Cisco 2960 switches that provide network for my NDX2 and Mini Mac Roon server. As an initial bid of madness, I wanted to simplify and see how bad things would be if I stripped back to wifi… not great, it turns out.

Second attempt; a peer-to-peer network… I run Roon on a Mac mini (2018 i7), which supports ‘internet connection sharing’ (see System Preferences → Sharing); connect the NDX directly to the Mac with a single ethernet cable (I use designacable) and the Mac gives the NDX an IP address and routes traffic to the internet via its wifi connection. I’ve found this provided quite a surprising improvement to my system - others may disagree, of course.

The only downside is that as only Roon is on my home network, the Naim app can’t talk to the NDX - but if you use Roon primarily, and a remote for volume, it’s not that difficult to switch to wifi for updates.

Sharing in case anyone else might benefit from this arrangement.