Mac users - Sonoma upgrade bad?

Aside from some annoying defaults which I needed to turn off… autocorrect and screen sharing with a local ipad, all fine on my m2-pro mini.

Intel MacBook Pro 16” all good.

I have since also upgraded my work M1 Max MacBook Pro to Sonoma 14.1.1. Everything seems to work fine.

One minor glitch is that the system service for adding tracking info to the Deliveries app no longer works. However, that app no longer tracks Fedex and UPS deliveries so I’m looking for something else to use anyway (Mac and iOS).

Sonoma runs on older Intel Macs, if they aren’t too old.

No Issues on M2 MacBook Air

No problems at all on my MacBook Pro. Indeed, I needed to check which programme it was running.

Intel up until 2020/2021

with OCLP you can patch your old Mac

Your’s is quite new Graham, I think, after your earlier one was stolen. So probably your current one is running Apple Silicon, likely an M2?

Yes, David, I just checked - it tells me that the chip is Apple M2 Pro.

(I’m afraid that that means very little to me. The main thing is that it runs beautifully!)

Yeah, the M2 Pro is a very capable processor. I have an M1 Max Macbook Pro and do software engineering on it day to day.

I don’t use it for anything much other than to post on this site, buy LPs from Amazon’s various sites, and chat to friends and family. So I have no need of such an upmarket laptop, but I’ve had Macs for getting on for forty years, so I’m used to them.

I wouldn’t do well away from an Apple machine.

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An iPad is more cost-effective and user friendly than a M2 MacBook?

You may well be right, but I like the full-size keyboard on this machine, and I’m not prepared to give that up.

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Yes you can but an AI programs tend to crash i.e. Adobe LR and PS and also the Topaz products.


perhaps, but not all of us use Adobe LR and PS.

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I installed Sonoma a week ago. All seemed well until today, when I upgraded ChronoSync to the latest version today. All went rather “pear-shaped”, and I had to reset every backup operation. Tedious to say the least, and it is still running And rewriting a backup at the moment.

I thought this might just be a problem with the new version of Chronsync, but an hour ago I tried to increase my MacMini ( bought new approx 3 months ago) time before switch tching the screen off, went into the Apple System settings and I can see no way of doing it - and yes, I did check online just to remind myself how to it, but the screen time options seem to be absent.

Also, one of my external drives has died, so I looked in my bits box and found a spare 2tb WD drive, which I had great difficulty in trying to erase and reformat. In the end I finished up deleting the old files on it (it’s formatted ExFat), and I’m sitting here watching a DVD and moving the mouse every couple of minutes to stop the Mac from powering down, …. sigh

Update : I’ve just tried the 2 offending external drives on my wife’s ageing MacBook Pro (can’t be upgraded past Mojave), and the drives are working OK! So it’s definitely a problem with Sonoma and/or the latest version of ChronoSync. I’ve left her MacBook running a Time Machine backup (she hadn’t done one for 6 months!)

I don’t rely on Time Machine anymore for backing up my wife’s Macbook Air. She’ll never remember to connect the drive. I use iCloud storage and it automatically syncs everything she needs. The bonus is she has access to all her files from her iPhone too.

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Can’t you just disable sleep and screen saver? I think there is an option in the System Settings.