MacBook Pro Battery charging

I have an old MacBook Pro, mid 2012, that has stopped charging. The green light on the charger connection (an old L tip style) shows green and the MacBook says it is charging but whatever I do it will not charge able 65%.

Then again, if I used it plugged in, the battery level doesn’t seem to drop below 65%.

Does that sound like a battery problem rather than a faulty charger?

Not an expert, but sounds like the battery has had it, is it a nuisance to use plugged in? its done well for 11 years old.

If you click on About this Mac, then More info, then System Report at the bottom and look under Power, then Battery Information it will give you a perfunctory but sufficient assessment.

As Cmax states, however, it is likely to mean a replacement battery is needed.

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11 years is a lot for the MacBook. The battery loses efficiency to a point where it just doesn’t work any more. Like us really.

Uum…that’s an encouraging thought. So it looks like a new battery for the MacBook and me. In the meantime I’ll plod along with the old battery and leave the MacBook plugged in as well.

Have you done the usual resets - that is NVRAM, PRAM, and SMC?

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Knowing the number of charge cycles can help.

If your original battery lasted 10 years I’d say that’s a pretty good run.

On a 2012 MacBook Pro you can replace it yourself with one from iFixit, probably for around $100.

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Thanks for all the info…no, didn’t know about NVRAM and SMC before now but resetting (probably the SMC) has done the trick and the MacBook recharged up to 90% very quickly last night. Many thanks.


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