Madness? Trade in TT2 for NDX2

Hi all been a while since I lasted posted and the system has changed considerably. Currently I have a Norma IPA140, Chord TT2 and Bluesound 2i (no Naim…argh)
While I like the Bluesound (very flexible) I do miss a screen and I’m looking at upgrading. First thought was Aurelic G1 Aries, also thinking Cambridge or Arcam ST60. Anyone tried the Arcam as a digital transport? BUT, the dream is NDX2.
I need WiFi, internet radio with BBC (or Chromecast), Qobuz, Spotify and Airplay (ideally 2) plus a boost in sound.
The NDX2 is too expensive (especially if not using the dac), so been mulling over moving on the TT2 and Bluesound to partially fund it.
Any experience or thoughts from you guys, what would I lose/gain?

Good though the NDX2 is, I would be very surprised if you preferred to your TT2, at least without adding an external PSU at considerable cost, but of course there is no substitute for a proper demo here.

Personally the only screen I need is on the iOS device I use to control the streamer, so in your situation I would consider the ND5XS2 as a transport into your TT2. The NDX2 does have a nice colour screen. However, it does have surprisingly limited functionality. For example, you cannot use it with the remote to browse and play from a local server, Tidal or Qobuz.


Thanks Chris, helpful I was wondering about the dac performance in the ndx2 re TT2.
Yes the screen thing has ruled out the nd5x2, my wife really misses the Nova screen too. It just adds to the experience.

Shame the Atom doesn’t have a digital out…

If you’ve used a Nova you will be familiar with the screen and remote, as it’s the same on the NDX2 (apart from volume control as you’re using a non-Naim amp.)

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Are you happy with the Bluesound apart from the screen? Or are you also after a ‘better’ digital transport?

Looking for a bit of an upgrade as well as the screen, the functionality of the Bluesound is great only missing Chromecast for me. An Atom or Nad 10 would be great but neither has digital out.

Yes… my cousin have a chord system and, from my view, they’re Dacs are the best in the business…

But I love the Ndx2. If @Maccaboy10 miss a screen and want to make Naim a focal point, I would switch

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You could look at the Auralic Aries G2 at NDX2 money, it would provide the screen and apparently has very good wifi capability akin to Ethernet. Best of all, you can then keep the TT2😉

A bit of topic, but a quick question; what power cord are you using with your Norma?

I was curious as was thinking of trying the Bluesound myself. Not sure whether digital transports have much sound signature of their own…? Beyond the power supply I suppose.

I have done exactly this in the last month, i.e. traded my TT2 for a NDX2 (& Hugo2) as I decided to move from a mixed component system, to a Naim Classic system (see profile) - I was finding adding/subtracting components always left me reconsidering system matching, and not listening to the music… I also tired of the untidy rack, the different operating systems and control apps although I have mainly used roon once the components were configured in and working.

I found the TT2, for me, wasn’t the greatest match to the NDX2 (digital-out) and the 282 it was feeding (although superb on headphones) - and I intended to do that main swap TT2->NDX2 anyway. This was quite a step since the TT2 had been the heart of my system, but I am glad I made the changes.

After further testing I preferred the Qutest or Hugo 2 as the DAC, (and the H2 is also a headphone amp), to the NDX2’s internal DAC - although that has improved over the last three weeks (My NDX2 is a year-old second-owner box, so I wasn’t expecting burn-in time).

Tomorrow I will have a XPS-DR on demo, and that will make further step up I expect.


I’ve an MCRU dc filter cable.

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I’ve done an explicit demo recently of NDX2 v Innuos and trying both Qutest and TT2. On both occasions the family and I were unanimous that despite near 20 years of the Naim sound the TT2 with the Innuos as streamer and server blew it away. A comparison with my CDX2 was also revealing and not necessarily in a good way.

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Interesting. I’ve no experience with Innuos at all, but seen positive opinions on this forum. I know it doesn’t have a screen. Does it have WiFi, Airplay, Qobuz, Radio and the other things I need?

Interesting perspective. What are the differences in sound you experienced between the TT2 and the NDX2s internal dac. I’d be looking to replace TT2 and streamer with just an NDX2.

I’m sort of in the same camp as you @anon45975783. Hence why I’m reluctant to use an NDX2 as a very expensive transport into an external dac.

Chris above recommended the ND5XS2 as a transport into the TT2 this is worth considering as the N800 streaming boards are the same in the ND5XS2 and NDX2.

I use the ND5XS2>MScaler>Qutest, previously used the Node 2i as a transport into the MScaler and even though the 2i is superb the ND5XS2 is a cut above.

System synergy is so difficult to predict without a good dealer and a decent home demo. Where you able to get this or was it a high risk punt?

I am glad that you have reached something that you are enjoying, with some peace of mind!

Thanks HifiMan. I had sort of set my mind on a screen, but it’s a £3k step up from an ND5xs2 to a NDX2, very expensive just to see album artwork…