Madonna,.in the Eurovision Song Contest

Madonna has arrived in Tel Aviv…

…to perform during Saturday’s final in the Eurovision Song Contest.

There was a long rumour that the world-star would come to visit.
But earlier this week the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) stated that a valid contract for performance was lacking.

Now Eurovision’s Swedish production manager Ola Melzig confirms that Madonna will definitely appear on Saturday

:small_orange_diamond:"She Stands And Rehearses Right Now",…he told the newspaper.

For Madonna to accept,.the team behind ESC has gotten to increase security,and build a custom lodge and its own backstage area to the star.
She also gets her own catering,.and an extra layer for the equipment needed for her show.

According to Ola Melzig, the artist will perform two songs during Saturday’s Inter-act.
According to The Times of Israel,…

Madonna receives 1.3 million dollars,in compensation for her participation.


Maybe she can donate the money to relief aid for Palestine.


Well said Steeve and absolutely correct!


Solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people who have been asking for a boycott.


Maybe this thread should be moved over to Padded Cell as its all about Palestinian/Israeli politics.
Eurovision ‘music’ is debatable anyhow


because she is the Holy Madonna :innocent:

No because she’s a material girl :rofl:


i was sarcastic, she is effectively the contrary of a Holy Virgin

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I got the sarcasm French, I just used your joke for another joke.

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:small_blue_diamond:Frenchrooster,…We understood it because of your emoji :+1:t2:.

That is why it is good to use emojis,.you avoid misunderstandings.


Or maybe those particularly interested in Palestinian/Isreali politics should start one given that wasn’t the OP’s original intent :thinking:


Forget Mad Donna. The big 5 don’t have to take parts in the semi’s.
Money talks!

Unfortunately it would be a very short thread.

I don’t understand why someone like Robbie Williams doesn’t take a place singing for the United Kingdom. We have so many great pop performers, but none of them seem to want to go anywhere near the Eurovision spectacle. Which is a shame… if Robbie has the balls to represent us at the World Cup final, Eurovision would be a walk in the park - and he would no doubt win.



Eurovision is a poison chalice, most artists would omit it within a heartbeat! And as proved by previous Eurovision contests its not really the callibre of the artist its more to do with the song itself. If the song has something going on it (eg original melody, catchy but not banal) it does not matter whether its Tom, Richard or Harry or even Mary singing it as long as the vocalist has a good voice, the chance winning would be greatly increased.

For any one watching the process of results given by different Countries at the Eurovision song contest that would be a certain indication of European politics probably mixed with good old fashion prejudices…!

This is Eurovision & as such & with a few exceptions its proven to be the kiss of death to most aspiring euro-pop careers, not that many have much hope of a serious career anyway.
The other thing is UK is billy no-mates, unlike the many geographic & cultural coalitions who vote for each other no matter how bad, crass, kitsch or banal, no one votes for UK.

Sometimes UK does get a token of points from Ireland but nothing like 12 points …

One of those exceptions being Abba. Their Eurovision victory with Waterloo in 1974 launched their international career.