I have watched this film based on the life of Leonard Bernstein twice over Christmas. It is on Netflix. I have really enjoyed it and I recommend it highly. A complex character, in many ways ahead of his time. What a musical legacy, despite his own opinion about the paucity of his output.
I have been motivated to follow up by putting Humphrey Burton’s biography (1,100 pp!) of Bernstein on my Kindle, to prolong the treat.
If you watch nothing else of ‘Maestro’, see the sequence with the finale of Mahler 2 recorded for the film in Ely Cathedral. Truly uplifting!


I agree it is a terrific film and the conducting sequence of Mahler is thrilling and captivating to watch. One niggle though. Rather than a bio of Leonard Bernstein, it is more a look at the Bernstein marriage over a year or so . It is imo a very enjoyable and interesting film.

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Not much about his music making. Or his guest conducting

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Then again, it’s focused on his relationship, so it’s probably to be expected. It looks good and I’ve added it to our Cinema Paradiso list. When it comes out in DVD is anyone’s guess though.

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