Magico S7

Anybody have any experience with the magico S7 speakers and what amp are they using to drive them.

@BigIsaac uses S7.
Effer and Thomas: S3
Bart: A3

My friend has pair of S7 driven by S1 and NAP500DR. Front end is a Kuzma big gun with Clearaudio Goldfinger. Best I ever heard, period.

That’s some serious cash for that system.

No doubt the system sounds like a marvel!

Magico extreme precision and Naim’s speed and life like presentation blend really well.

Out of curiosity, why didn’t you opt for Magico speakers instead of Focal’s?

Yes, a bit of a mystery :sweat_smile:. Actually, The M3 was on list of audition target but the arrangement fell through. What could have been…

I didn’t listen to the M3, but spent quite some time auditioning the M2 and M6.
These speakers are, by far, the best speakers I’ve heard. Incredibly fast and precise.

I mostly listen to classical music. Symphonic music and piano are two genres that require both good speakers and electronics.

My previous speakers were from a French brand. They simply couldn’t handle a symphonic piece…

Unfortunately, at the time, I couldn’t stretch to the M2 or M3, so I purchased the S3 MkII.

They aren’t as good as the M series in terms en signal to noise ratio (in the low end), but the medium and highs are pretty close to the M series.

Quite better, in my opinion, then the Scala Utopia I was also considering :wink:

Thanks for reply I am also considering Scala utopia but the magico S5 I would like to hear before I do anything the S7 is to expensive. I meant the S5 in my first message not S7.

The best system I ever heard was Statement pre and power amp with Magico Q7 (I think) demo at a local dealer. I didn’t even know that that kind of sound was technically achievable


When I auditioned Magico speakers, I also spent quite some time with the Q7.
Huge speakers, extremely good. But… not as good as the M series :wink:

A Naim Statement with a pair of M3 or M6 could really be outstanding!

The guy that sold me the S3 MkII mentioned the Naim Statement as a perfect match for the M6, and as being possibly one the best systems available.

Magico is raising the bar quite high!

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Well, you’re not alone - The Absolute Sound shares your opinion.

Magico M6 The Absolute Sound


I’m not really fond of reviews, and tend not to trust them. So I don’t read them unless I’m planing to buy something, and always take them with a pinch of salt :wink:

But that one was easy, the Magico M series are among the best speakers available and the Naim Statement is in the same league. This could only result in something really good.

When I auditioned the Magicos, I was particularly impressed by the M2 driven by the Soulution 711. Really good! A very nice match.

Naim presents music slightly differently, but is also a brilliant match for Magico speakers.

Are you planning to change speakers?

+1 !

Yes hope to change early next year all depends on this virus and work really.

I was so close to pulling the trigger on S5 without ever hearing them. It was a 2500km round trip drive for my planned audition of S3 and I just ran out of time to audition S5. The S5 weren’t set up and time was too tight for me to spend another night away but based on what I heard of the S3, I was very tempted. In the end I just couldn’t justify it to myself and happily pulled the trigger on the S3.

The dealer said he preferred S5 to M2…

The Harbeths are staying, so far I’ve heard no other speaker that plays classical music like them. But if I ever change my mind, QUAD electrostatics and Magicos will certainly be on my shortlist


I did hear some people prefer S5 to m2 the m series is good but very expensive.

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