Magnepan LRS

I have Quad 57s and wanted to try a magneplanar speaker so pick up a pair of Magnepan LRS, which really sound terrific. Question: will the Naim 250DR which I have be enough power to optimally drive these speakers. I hear they perform best with gobs of power. I’m in a relatively small space and listen nearfield, around 8 feet away from the speakers. Thanks!

Magnepan describes the LRS as a 4 ohm speaker, so it would be important to determine how the Naim 250DR handles low-impedance loads.

From :

We are asked this question every single day. We wish that we could be of more help, but individual tastes vary. If someone tells you that you need an amplifier with ___ watts, how can they be so sure if they are not listening with you in your room?

You can get a lot of free advice in the chat rooms on the internet. Most of it is of very little value (or misleading). Often, their power recommendations are influenced by their listening habits and room conditions. If they have a strong opinion of what you need for power, take it with a grain of salt.

Personal tastes are “all over the map”. We hear of customers that are perfectly happy with 50 watts and others using 1000 watts. Without the option of listening with you, we have no way to give meaningful advice. The most reliable way to answer this question for your particular needs is by visiting a dealer or arranging to hear a pair of Magneplanars. If you listen to your music at your normal volume, in a room that is approximately the same size as your room, with an amplifier similar to what you plan to use, an accurate power requirement can be determined for your listening habits. This is a lot to ask, but it is the only reliable method of determining the power needs for a specific individual.

There is a persistent impression that the larger Maggies require more power. It is true that most customers with the more expensive models have more powerful amplifiers. But, the popular assumption is not correct. They typically have a larger budget. If and when you upgrade your electronics is a separate decision.

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A nap 250 can handle 4 ohm loads

In fact the 250 comes from its 4 ohm rating I e 125 watts per channel at 4 ohms

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From the Naim website -

A new top-quality transformer is used providing the ability to deliver more than 15 Amps and swing a massive 400VA on transients. The NAP 250 is stable into any load and able to drive a 2-Ohm load for long periods of time.


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