Magnepans with NAP250

Considering Magnepan 1.7 or .7i will a CB NAP250 drive them well enough. I listen at Low to moderate levels only.

Maybe the .7i not the 1.7 , Maggie’s are not very efficient, suck power and sound wonderful when setup correctly.

I had 1.7’s that are 4 Ohm speakers. I used a Bryston amp that produced over 400 watts into 4 ohms. They needed the power.
I’ve owned NAP 250 DR’s twice. They were fine with Harbeth’s but I wouldn’t recommend them with 1.7’s.
I’m not a bass freak and generally play at moderate levels. I loved the 1.7’s but my wife didn’t.

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I have heard Maggies sing but amps were always 200 watts or more. They love power!

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