Mains cables

I am now looking upgrading power leads to the components in my system.

I hear/understand it best to deal with the source devices first.

A couple of questions.

  1. Are these cables worth the money. Looking in range 60 to 300 range.

  2. Is it right to consider the power source to a NAC 202 along with its seperate NPSC

Hope that makes sense.

Where are you based Mike?
I would always advise spending the money on a dedicated power supply for the system before spending on upgraded powerlines first.

Not sure I understand your second question.



Hi Popeye.

Live near Windermere.

The second question is most companies say you should start with things like pre amps. The NAC 202 does not have direct kettle lead. It’s via two power supplies. Should these two supplies have upgraded power leads

Installing four dedicated 10mm2 power supplies the music room as we speak


Great Stuff. Powerlines certainly make a difference. The only one I am yet to get one for is my NAPSC, so can’t comment for that specific product and if it makes a difference. I certainly have heard some say that it makes the most difference however.

Great. Will do that. Am putting in new six way board. With 4 ways to music room and two spare. I am lucky having a fair size supply to my home so hoping bearing in mind I live in a rural setting that there is not to much noise on the line.

From what’s said I will start with CD and Streamer. Record deck has no seperate lead to it.

Thanks Popeye

If you have the scope dedicated radial spur first.



Already installing 4 seperate radial spurs with dedicated distribution board. Asking about the power cords/kettle leads

not sure 4 separate is optimal, but experts will be along. One with star-earthed ground to multiple sockets (unstitched) is usually the recommendation…

Had a long discussion on another thread and it was agreed separate circuits was the way ahead.

Any views on power leads ???

Unless you are going for Powerlines or something similarly good I really wouldn’t bother changing from the standard leads.

The advice from Naim was to use a single radial and a block for the most cohesive sound. I used to use Powerlines and a MusicWorks block, costing nearly £4,000. I sold them at the end of last year and now have a Grahams hydra that cost £170 and can’t say I miss what went before.


I think I’m a sceptic when it comes to mains cables, a dedicated power supply isolate to some degree from the house mains is well worthwhile. The Hydra, yes the star earthing does seem to make a tiny difference I think but the biggest difference is the lack of wires criss crossing at the back of the rack with any associated interference, for that alone it’s worth every penny.

I am getting on a bit and having spent half my working life as a professional diver my ears may not be 100% any more so maybe I just can’t hear the difference

A ‘not too expensive’ alternative is titan audio cables; have them on my system & definitely heard a difference for the better (62yo ears). Also there’s a lot of praise, as HH has said, for the hydra’s - one price, one plug - if I hadn’t purchased the ‘titans’ I’d have gone that route.
I also had a friend who’s a qualified electrician make a star earthed mains block (renting - cannot do anything re rewiring), he’s also a ‘computer genius’ - built, from scratch, his own 3d printer! That made a huge difference.

Not by me it wasn’t! Naim’s recommendation also is to use a single T&E feed to the HiFi. Not that I’m looking to argue with anyone who has found a solution they are happy with, and besides any meaningful comparison is more or less impossible.

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Yes I can’t say I have heard that before.

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