Mains Conditioners - Your experiences

I’m sure this topic has come up before but have any of you gone down the route of adding mains conditioners to your system and are they worth it in improving the noise floor. Specifically what experiences have you had / demoed with the ISOTEK Evo3-Aquarius, Sirius or Nova units or Audioquest’s Niagara 1200, 5000 or 7000’s or ISOL-8 PowerLine or SubStation Integra - all differing price points. I guess it would be good to know which would be the best as it is difficult to find comparative reports on the units and yes I know it will be dependent upon your system and the mains quality / noise sources - the intent would be to not throttle the current or change the tonal qualities of the system but reduce any mains noise in the system.

My uncle has the Richard gray’s RGPC400 Pro, he told me that it is a very good product and it did filter the noise out. He said it sounds better with the Richard gray’s like the volume is louder abit the highs are clearer but did not say that there is any current limiting action.

Next week I’m gonna try the MS HD Power MS-1080P as the shop that I always go to recommended me this to fit with my naims.

Other than that, they said that these filters, make sure they don’t have voltage regulators or not they would do something to the current being delivery to the amps

The search facility is your best friend on this subject, as a number of us have posted on many threads about asymmetric mains, mains conditioners and DC on the mains.

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