Mains hum

Evening - I’ve been away for a nice little motorbike trip to Spain, so before I left I unplugged everything as thunder was forecast. On return, everything reconnected to reveal a bit of ‘crackle’ in both speakers which I’d swear was on a repetitive basis every couple of seconds.
Now I must confess that I’ve done my best to not have a birds nest of cables, but (and I’m prepared for incoming fire) I have a double socket in that corner of the room. And into that is plugged an Ethernet extension which feeds tv and Linn DS, and then also feeds an extension bar which feeds Naim Amp, Preamp, Linn DS and hard discrecorder and tv soundbar. Yes - I know it’s not ideal, but sometimes you have to make compromises. The extension bar is an undoubtedly a cheap one, so my question is simply this. Can you recommend to me a quality extension bar that will run the 4 HiFi items separately to the tv/soundbar. This will hopefully allow me to isolate the two sides of the entertainment and maybe rid me of this annoying crackle.

I use an ATL dc blocker twin outlet. You can then run a cable as long as you like from your wall plug to the ATL which can be placed near to the hifi components that you want to plug in. The ATL will deal with any mains borne hum issues.

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Thanks. I think I’ve managed to reduce the hum, but I’ll still be looking for one of these.

If you must use one, most folks here would recommend the Wiremold L10320.

If your system was 100% OK, before you de-powered it, you need to find what has now changed.
Rather than try to ‘fix’ it using something else



If I have read your post correctly this should be suitable for your particular purpose.

Likewise with similar results separating the AV run from the hifi.

Thanks for the advice. I have managed to find the issue and correct it, but I’m still keen to isolate the HiFi from all the other equipment.
I’ll look at the items you’ve mentioned above.

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Hi, I experienced the same issue and I tried a ISOL-8 mains block and it eradicated the hum immediately its now part of my set up.

Well Done.

What was it - to help other maybe…?

It would seem to be my mistake in plugging my cheap extension bar in then dropping it into a position where it was across some other cables which fed to/from the amp and speakers. Extension bar moved - hum reduced but not entirely eliminated. I think the Russ Andrews extension bar is required to improve the general situation.

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