Mains voltage and XPS fuses

This may be of relevance if you keep blowing fuses on your XPS.

Some weeks ago I borrowed an XPS from my dealer. It worked perfectly in their showroom but in my house, the fuse in the XPS shattered the instant the power switch was pressed. The same happened with a second XPS despite the fuses having the correct spec.

The obvious explanation was that our mains voltage was too high. NAIM products sold in the UK are designed for the EU standard 230V but when the UK voltage was dropped from 240V in 2003 much of the infrastructure was left unmodified. A tolerance of +10% to -6% was to be accepted i.e up to 253V.

Our supplier agreed to check our supply and it transpired it was peaking at 256V. Since an engineer changed the tag on the transformer at the end of our road, all has been well.


Nice info, thanks

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