Making a Samurai warrior noise whilst doing mundane tasks

As much as the title suggests.
In that getting older, some tasks - like bending over, lifting something heavy, getting out of bed, opening the fridge, buttering the toast, etc.
Instead of the usual groan, I have taken to the situation like you would see in the movies of Samurai warriors dispatching of feared enemies.
I have found my inner vocal chi and I have found it makes everything easier.



(In MS Teams this is a gif that spins round, waves its sword in the air then disappears in a woof of smoke. Shame it didn’t work here…)

I tried it but my wife definitely thinks i have lost the plot, she wants the me locked up far away from any hifi dealer😬


We need video examples, @TOBYJUG, or we can’t possibly comment. You know you want to.

I think I do that after a few glasses late at night when I decide I’m still agile enough to turn the light switch off with my feet. Usually goes badly wrong these days, but at least an attempt at exercise.

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