Making playlists in Naim app, help please

I primarily listen to local storage (a USB stick) and Tidal on my NDX2. Now, I can make a playlist with songs on local storage, and I can make a playlist with songs from Tidal.
What I cannot seem to do is make a playlist of songs from both local storage AND Tidal. Is this possible to do? If not, might Naim integrate eventually this feature in the future?

I’m fairly sure this can’t be done in the Naim app. Certainly wasn’t when I bough the Atom when it fist came out - as remember emailing naim support on that point.

I don’t have Roon. But someone with Roon might be able to comment if that gives you a workaround.

You can do whatever you like with a playlist, it doesn’t care what the source is.

So Roon can do it. Why can’t the Naim app? I don’t plan on using Roon.

Qobuz playlists are stored on Qobuz servers, so cannot be mixed with local server playlists which are stored within the Naim app on your phone.
Play queues on the other hand can include any mixture of tracks from Qobuz, Tidal and local storage.


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