Mana Acoustics Question

Just purchased a Mana Acoustics Sound Frame on a eBay auction.Unfortunately it’s JUST the frame In Good condition (no original glass or mdf board).Was wondering from those who have mana sound frames or sound stages that had to replace either the board or glass where is the best source to find a close replacement (hoping for mdf board)?

The boards are not MDF. They are actually laminated chipboard. I think they are around 10mm? Glass should be easy but I’m not the expert. There’s lots on here about Fraim glass options and sizes etc if you do search,

Mana used normal 10mm ‘float’ glass, not toughened tempered glass. The flatter surfaces of the float glass made it easier to ‘tune’.
I think some of the glass came with a piece of tape stuck to it to reduce vibrations.
You can get a piece cut to size for around $100 US/80UKP

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You can search for John Watson online.