Manfred Eicher And ECM's amazing recordings

Discovered a Nice jazz band called Trichotomy
their LP is The Gentle War
They are on a good label called Naim…
Heard them on a good radio station called Naim…


Yes, I heard them via Naim records site. Piano jazz trio .

Yes they have a great habit of mixing very subtle quiet percussion sounds with other louder sounds…

New Sonar album. ( ECM quality sound)

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One of my ECM favourites which I rarely see mentioned by others:


Just noticed in my favourites an ecm LP called Music for the Film Sounds and Silence.

The blurb says that a documentary film :movie_camera: called Sounds and Silence: Travels with Manfred Eicher was released in 2009. It took 5 years to make.

I’m defo going to watch that.

Hey Bert
I’ve started listening to other stuff by Trichotomy

They are superb.

I notice have been compared to est by some reviewers.

They also sound to me similar to GoGo Penguin.

(They even sample the voice of George Bush Jr on ‘Fact Finding Mission’!)

Some similarities to ecm bands, and Reis Demuth et al too.

Just saw an ecm video on YouTube.
After 3 days it has 6k views.
Julia Hulsmann Quartet, This is Not America.
A wonderful track.

It was interesting to see the band.
But the track played on the video seemed to me to be the LP track.
It was clearly not live as there were no mics visible.

So were they just miming like Elton John on TOTP in the 1980s?!
Miming doesn’t seem to me to be in the spirit of ecm, as I perceive it.

In case anyone missed it, there is another mini thread where someone pointed out that you can buy ECM LPs from Qobuz with a large discount Til the end of Dec.

I think it’s a 30% off thing

If you have a Qobuz Sublime + account they are mostly about £6…

Maybe you would like the track Awakening by Tyshawn Sorey…

Thanks Jim, I will listen.

In the train now, just a quick listen. Atmospheric, a bit Bill Frisell like.

The version of the Ornette Coleman track War Orphans by Bobo Stenson, Jon Christensen and Anders Jormin is an inspired piece of improvisation.

Just played the same track by Claudio Cojaniz and Giancarlo Shiaffini; by Charlie Haden (who played with Coleman) and the Liberation Music Orchestra; by Guillem Callejon; and by Paul Motian. Then by the Bobo Stenson Trio too.

All of these versions are on Tidal.

A special musical event.

I think that was my first ECM album too. Lots more since of course.

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Not a lot for me. Some Methenys, Carla Bley, John Abercrombie, Dejohnette…maybe 20 or 30 in total.

Over the past months I’ve discovered some of the brilliant works of Paul Bley.

I always loved Oscar Peterson and Errol Garner, but then there’s Bley…

Not just his later ecm stuff, like When Did the Blues Leave - but also his eponymously titled 2nd LP.

The pace on that record is unique, and it’s the same style, the same aesthetic as 40 years later, but so fresh.

Yeah, very sad to hear he has left us. I’ve been listening to his great playing for decades. Jazz lost an excellent drummer.

Paul Bley was a tinkler of the ivories.
I suppose in a real sense he was also simultaneously a drummer of the ivories - and he seems to me to hold roughly the same place in jazz as does Henry Miller in fiction, in the way he made an artform of seeming to get his craft wrong, because he was so brilliant at it that he couldn’t help nudge himself towards and over the line between keeping time and straying quite far from the time count of a metronome.

Thanks. I’m aware of Paul Bley. I’ve been listening to him for decades. Great pianist, composer and leader.

My post was actually referring to Jon Christensen, who just passed this week. I was replying to a post about that, but it seems to have been disconnected or the original disappeared, making it seem as if I replied to your post about Bley, who we also lost a few years ago.

I’m very sorry to hear that.
He was a really superb drummer, one of the greatest ever.
Wonderful light touch, but also very purposeful drumming…very intelligent drumming, evoking strong emotions.
Also, he was masterful in his interactions with other players.
I played the drums in my teens and 20s, and always listen out for the drums.
And sitting here now, I really can’t think of a better drummer.