Manually connecting to Asset UPnP

I’m using MM4 from my laptop to connect to my remote music store (shared drive on my work, windows PC). This is over a VPN so both ends are on the same subnet. This works okay but can stutter based upon fluctuations of the client end wifi that I have no control over. So I thought install asset on my works window pc and that can convert the files to an mp3 stream hence reduce traffic load. The problem is the upnp broadcasts don’t make it back to the client over the vpn bridge. So I’m trying to manually enter the server address details on the MM4 client.

In this case the client is on and windows pc/asset is on

On mm4 I need to enter something like


and I need a description file?

So I suppose I need to know is asset https or http? What port does it use? What’s the name of the description file?

Or am I completely wrong here?



Sorry… sorted now.

Connected using a local client and then read the properties reported i.e.

Sorted. As you were :slight_smile:

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