Marantz cinema 60 to replace existing Naim 200/200 set up

I have just purchased a Marantz cinema 60 AV amp which I have the pre out to my Naim NAC202.
And I use my Naim 200/202 to listen to my Linn LP12, Densen Beat CDP and Antipodes music server to listen my stored CD collection and the like of Radio Paradise etc. No BBC Iplayer as it’s not supported now.
And was contemplating on Selling my exising Naim 200/202,Naim Stageline MC and Naim Power supply type NAPSC.
And just use the Marantz cinema 60 and connect my existing my Linn LP12, Densen Beat CDP and Antipodes music server.
Habits change over the years and tend to watch mostly TV these days and would only use the Naim set up to listen to the Antipodes and mostly Radio Paradise.
Which I could do if I had just the Marantz and could possible connect BBCiPlayer via bluetooth or airplay.
Would I notice much of sound difference between Naim v Marantz, I suppose could connect my CDP to Marantz temporaly and try.
And also being 81 would my hearing cope as it’s pretty good I suppose for my age!

If you have the physical space for the AV Amp and the 200/202 I would keep the Naim equipment as this optimises the sound quality when listening to your existing stereo sources.
AV Amps are very good now, but they are not better for stereo sound than a very good dedicated stereo amplifier set up.

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Nice to see another Densen Beat CD player still out there!

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