Marantz SA10

Anybody have the Marantz SA-10 in their system I would like to know your thoughts for this player.

I haven’t got one, but I once listened to one for about two hours through a 552/500 system (can’t remember what the speakers were – I think they were Kudos) and I loved it, especially with SACD. It has that classic “Marantz sound”, but on steroids. Some might find it too polite but I loved it, rather analogue-sounding. Built like a tank, made to last and there seemed to be a very good DAC in there.

If I had six grand spare I’d jump in!

Are you thinking of buying one?

Did anyone else wonder why a CD player made toast when reading quickly? :grinning:

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I used to have a maranz cd.player.Then i changed to Naim.
It is like being married to Gail Tinsley and then leaving her for
Sienna Miller


Yes I am looking at a couple of brands but I have not heard either rega or Marantz but I am looking more at the Marantz SA-10.

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If you get it ,

Will it be the Black Jewel of your auto system ?

(Private joke)

A rather unfair (and snobbish) comparison, given that most Marantz CD players cost hundreds of pounds, rather than thousands. For the money, the likes of the CD6000 series represents incredible value for money in terms of SQ, build and versatility. That’s why they win squllions of awards.

The SA-10 is a really amazing player, the only machines I’ve heard that are better are by dCS and Luxman, and they cost tens of thousands rather than the Marantz’s £6,000. I like the sound more than any Naim CD player I’ve heard (which isn’t all of them by any means), and it spins SACDs, which is a real dealbreaker for me.

If I ever have the money, the SA-10’s the player I’ll buy. It’s the Sophia Loren of CD players, a thing of real beauty, talent and built to last. Sophia or Sienna? No contest…


I agree kev i would never pay that sort of money for a cd player. The dealer took my old player in part
Exchange. And this dealer gave me a very good discount . I would never pay £6000. For a cd player
For £6.000 i can have a lavish new orleans style funeral. Lucky i still have my grandmothers pension.

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