Mary Chapin Carpenter, songs from her home in lockdown

Always liked her warm and slightly melancholy music. Here is the first of what have been almost daily songs played from her kitchen in her lockdown.

They are not just beautifully sung but several like this one are enlivened by her lovely dog, and also occasionally her ancient and very grumpy looking cat, in between ‘her daily 23 hour naps’. In the latest one ( we are now up to No 7) she almost cracks up when the dog adds squeaky toy accompaniment.

Very calm and soothing for the soul. She has a big catalogue to cover if this goes on a lot longer!



I agree, I have been watching them and they are lovely. Billy Bragg and Paul Simon have being doing the same. I’m sure there are others, its just that I follow these three.

Billy Bragg is a hero, I will grab that one too!

One of my all time favourites, lucky enough to see her at the Barbican , great gig.

Emily Barker as support

@BruceW – thanks so much for sharing this! i’ll go and listen to all of them.

i saw mcc in minneapolis in 1992 (or so) at a small venue (held about 1000 people). truly one of the best concerts i’ve ever seen.

@BruceW - thank you.

Mary Chapin Carpenter is a favourite here and I have lots her super albums and a DVD so I shall be watching these clips and enjoying.

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Thanks for posting Bruce. I saw Mary in concert in the 1990s on a fabulous double bill with Lyle Lovett - both were excellent.

Thanks Bruce for the link, I do love Mary and have been fortunate to see her perform on a number of occasions. The last being this past December in Seattle with Shawn Colvin.

Life is sweet, especially with Mary singing a tune!

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