Matched drive units - snaxo trim pot adjustment

Hi all, I was just wondering, with active naim speakers, does it really matter if tweeters are a matched pair if adjustment is possible via the trim pots in the snaxo ?

Just wondering in case any of my scanspeak tweeters fail and if naim still sell matched pairs.



Mario, worth noting that the selection and matching of the HF drive units is not just a question of level but also frequency response.

How much difference it will make, I could not say.

OK Richard, thank you, at least we can still get Scanspeak D2010/851100’s - probably not the biggest compromise if not matched, with at least the level adjustable via the snaxo.


Hi Mario, the Snaxo trim pots only adjust the relative volumes of the different bands IIRC and not the frequency. If so that may be of little use for that scenario.

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