Mavis B Sausage remembered

Inconsistent recording quality!

Back in the day if anyone remembers “The Flat Response” magazine there used to be great spoof questions in the letters page, one of which was authored by Mavis B Sausage and went something like: “Dear Sir, my system is LP12/Ittok/Karma, 32/250 into Linn Kans. Should I put my Pioneer graphic equaliser between the LP12 and the 32 or between the 32 and the 250?”

With a decent system of my own these days I can enjoy some outstanding recordings of all genres and I even appreciate stuff I’d never have listened to before, but I can’t help but notice some LPs or CDs have weedy base, cloudy treble, lousy imaging etc and I can’t help wondering whether old “Mavis” didn’t have a point. How do you compensate for poor quality? I know other posts have highlighted this same lack of consistency, but is there a fix? Is there a listing anywhere of the decent/best recordings of particular pieces of music?

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