MC cartridge with NSC 222

Hi there. I’m re-commissioning my vinyl setup having hardly used it since I got into streaming. My almost 30 years old Gyrodec is coming back from a service at Michell on Tuesday and a (very generous) friend has given me an Ortofon Quintet Blue.

Advice please on how to use that with my NSC222, whilst spending as little money as possible (given it’s entirely possible my enthusiasm for exploring my old vinyl collection won’t last long).

I’m thinking of an MC step-up transformer like a Rothwell MC-1 (max what I want to spend) into the 222’s phono input. Or second hand Ortofon T-5s from eBay.

Any other ideas? Thanks in advance.


A Rega Fono for MC would fit the bill and can often be found second-hand on well-known sites.

Thanks Paul. Does that have RIAA EQ in it, so would have to go into the line-level input rather than the NSC222 phono stage?

Yes, it has :+1:t2:

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Go with an SUT. The 222 phono stage sounds great, simply add a decent SUT and you’ll be happy.


One vote for the miniature step-up from me.

I have used a pair of Sony HA-10s for the last few years to a very good effect. As far as I know the Ortofon T5 and Sony T10 are identical, as is a model from Empire. When I bought my pair, the Sonys were offered for less.


Thanks for the advice. Have bought a pair of Ortofon T5s off eBay which arrived today. From a very quick listen it’s sounding surprisingly good. The TT does not have the detail, dynamic range or clarity of soundstage as the streaming section, but I would say the TT is at a similar level for musicality and PRaT.

As the turntable, PSU and arm are 28 years old, I’m very pleasantly surprised :slightly_smiling_face:



Have you heard the NSC222 with the Audio Note AN1 SUT? Also do you work at GHA?

I haven’t heard that combination! I’m source it would sound very good. I do work at GHA.

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