MC rebuild/exchange cost

The idea of this thread is to compare different manufacturers MC replacement costs as it can be a major and recurring expense. As a proportion of the cost of a new cartidge probably makes the most sense.

To start off…
I used Dynavector 17D series for a couple of decades, they took a lot of use before needing replacement but when they did you’d pay 80% plus your old cartridge for a new one. Dynavector don’t rebuild Karats.

I recently under biased an Ortofon SPU Royal N resulting in a skewed cantilever after a year, rebulid cost me 60% of the new cost. Ortofon don’t exchange SPUs.

My Transfiguration Proteus, for which I paid £2900 lasted 5 years but then I began to notice sibilance more. Transfiguration had died with its owner by then, an aftermarket rebuild was €1200 from Ana Mighty Sound but I opted for a different profile, I’ve not yet mounted the result. I think Mutech in Japan will also rebuild these but I don’t know the cost.

I think Soundsmith and Audionote UK both charge 20% to rebuild their MC cartridges but haven’t owned either though I liked what I’ve heard in shows and at a dealer’s
How do others compare?

As a long time Dynavector user, I cannot really add much. Using a 10X. I found their P/Ex arrangement quit acceptable.

VAS in New York repaired my Proteus for £500 + shipping to UK when the coil gave up. Tried a couple of places more locally without joy.
Works perfectly now.

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