Mconnect qobuz( ios) vs bubbleupnp android/ nds

has anyone tried to compare streaming Qobuz on Mconnect with ipad vs Bubbleupnp on android. ( streaming qobuz with a legacy naim streamer, without running a pc or mac or nas, and with no additional component). Only an app to stream qobuz.

I am using Mconnect lite since yesterday, but it crashes often.

I found that streaming Qobuz via a control point with Bubble App gave a much worse SQ than using Bubble server. There’s no Wi-Fi involved when using the server so you get the “Proxy” benefit and Qobuz becomes just like a local stream.
I’ve only ever used mConnect for trying MQA. Yuk!
I’ve never tried it for Qobuz but I’d expect the same drop in performance.

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