MCRU no.85

Does anyone have experience with an MCRU no85 mains cable, ideally on a ndx2?
I use a an MCRU dc filter mains on my amp, and it is genuinely exceptional in my system - better clarity, wider soundstage, more natural and more. I’m not sure how much of this is due to the dc filtering though, as I have a amp hum with any other cable I’ve tried including Powerline.
Anyone use dc filters with a Naim source? Note - a dedicated mains is not an option for me

Yes I have a DC filter, it’s my own DIY build that’s based on the well known series capacitor & parallel diode bridge circuit.
It’s a slightly long story ending in I no longer have a DC problem, but the inclusion of the filter bought some nice SQ improvements. So I not only kept it in the power supply, I rebuilt it into my multi-way power board.
The MCRU 85 is a screened power cable with good quality cable & plugs, nothing more, it’s a bit rich claiming it’s made for Naim, but hey-ho ……

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I have an MCRU DC Blocker which removed all traces of hum from my system and MCRU mains leads (though not 85s). David knows his stuff and I believe he offers returns if you aren’t happy.


I don’t know about the No. 85, but I’ve got 4 x No. 75’s on my system and am very happy with them.

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Thanks Zos93. Yes I’m really happy with the MCRU dc filter I have, and the 30 day return is great. I just wasn’t sure which route to go down e.g. if I go for the no85 I may like it and decide to keep it, but I may be missing out on a better experience with one of the MCRU filtered cables which I haven’t tried. I don’t really want to buy both knowing I going to send one back…

To be honest I wouldn’t bother with a filter unless you’re having issues. David puts ferrite rings in the plugs of all his cables which should provide RFI filtering anyway.

I have issues humming issues with amp, which a dc filter fixed. Not sure how dc may manifest in the ndx2, humming as well or just poorer sound?

Does the NDS2 hum? If not you don’t need a DC blocker. If it does just get a mains block for the NDS2 and the amp and plug the DC blocker into that. Mine is plugged into my Musicworks mains block.

If the hum changes tone & volume, and at different times of day, it’s probably DC.
If the hum is steady & doesn’t change tone & volume, it’s probably not DC.
In this case, if the transformer is just naturally a ‘hummer’ (& all transformers hum, even if it’s almost silent) a DC blocker won’t help.
But IME my own build DIY filter did improve SQ,

Insidently it’s not actually DC, it’s asymmetrical sine wave distortion, it causes momentary current inrush of a coil such as a transformer to react as though it was DC.


Ndx2 doesn’t hum, I’m just looking to improve the sound (but wondered if dc could cause less obvious issues than humming). The amplifier did hum but an MCRU dc filter cable cured that and improved sound.

I was just looking at the ifi dc mains blocker as my 555ps is starting to drive me mad. It looks neat and fits between the powerline and input. Has anyone tried one of these yet ? I wasn’t sure it the powerline would be to heavy hanging out the back.
Audiolab also have an interesting looking bit of kit at £99.

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