Melanie - RIP

Melanie Safka [better known as just Melanie] died on Tuesday aged 76. I first saw her at the start of her career in London. From there on saw her many times and she has been a big 50 year part of my life. Thoughts are with her family.



Ring the living bell.


I had the urge to play this very recently and commented in the ‘WHYBLT…’ thread about how affecting I’ve always found it.

Lump in throat time.

RIP Melanie.



She did a lovely cover of ‘As Tears Go By’, far less well-known than the Stones’ dedicatee Marianne Faithfull’s version.


Just playing Candles In the rain. Such a lovely soul all through her life.


That’s a shame. Had a bit of a crush on her in my younger days.


Lol. You and me both.

Her songs just seemed to connect with me for some reason. Even Alexandra Beetle contains loss and joy at finding some(one) thing lost, all told with humour.

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And Ruby Tuesday

Playing Psychotherapy in memory of her. Always makes me smile. She brought so much life and often joy into her songs.


Psychotherapy has been a singing party piece for me ever since I first heard it, in my teens. It always brings a smile to an audience, once they twig that you’re not singing The Battle Hymn of The Republic.
Yes, Ruby Tuesday was a very fine rendition. ‘My Father’ always brings a tear, outdoes composer Judy Collins, in my opinion.
Melanie was pressurised by her label into producing an album every six months and we are all the poorer as a result, as it cut short her career. The stress was too much.
Great memories though.

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And how could I have forgotten Mr Tambourine Man……

Christopher Robin and Leftover Wine do that to me too

Been listening to several albums. Interestingly the Spotlight album sounds the best (also a Buddha label on the actual records).

Although it’s difficult for me to single out any specific albums , if anyone wants to explore Melanie’s music I can highly recommend
As I See it Now , Sunset and Other Beginnings , Ballroom Streets , and arguably her best ever , Photograph Double Exposure. The track Groundhog Day alternate version is something else ( who needs drugs :wink:)

Also a very good compilation as a starting point

Oh that’s sad I loved her Leftover Wine. :frowning:

My favourite Melanie album which has a great surround sound production.

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Saw her at the Edmonton Folk Festival, really very good. RIP.


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