Melco D100

Since I felt a significant difference between a professional ripping device and ripping through the computer or files from the Internet, I decided to purchase myself a Melco D100 … I noticed that it’s sound even better than Hd files,although I do not have many discs.I will start to purchase cd,s at least those the best for me.

Yes, i really did not want to buy one, but it is really good. I take the Plixir psu off my Etheregenswitch and-power the D100 just for the cd ripping process……the Plixir gives the rips a more natural edge. Not worth forking out for a psu, i just have one i can use.

From what I understand are you saying that if I add a power supply it improves my ripping.did you compare between adding ps and without?

Yes……the small wall wart supplied is good…….but adding a better power supply does make a difference. There was a article on a Auralic product where they said a good psu was just as, if not more important than the ripping mechanism. I just have the option of transferring a psu from the ER when ripping, the ER with standard psu is just looking up artwork etc.

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I bought the D100 16 months ago and have been re-ripping and ripping my collection. And indeed it made a audible difference which also my friend could hear on his system, so it was not only my ears. However after 7800 cd’s still not completely done, so still a way to go……, and now pausing due to my broken leg.


If you consider to sell it after ripping your all cd’s let me know

I waited thinking there would be some on the market….i gave in and bought one. Too good to sell on imo.

You do see them for sale secondhand as that’s how i got mine.
I was thinking about setting up a hire it out, but can’t be asked, too much trouble,lol

Don’t think i would want to pay new price for one, but secondhand its worthwhile, so keep your eyes open on sites like pinkfish etc

I will every now and then have some 2nd hand CD’s coming in, so I belief I will not be willing to resell, and also have a lot left to re-rip……, but let’s see, if I will let you know.

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The D100 ripper is great especially with a Melco server. I ripped all of my CD’s about a year ago (took about a year!) now I buy CD’s and keep a pile and batch rip them as I don’t have the space in the rack for the ripper and found the sound better with it disconnected. I did about 40 this weekend actually! It takes me a long time as I am fussy about metadata to an obsessive level :sweat_smile:


I am as specific about tagging and even about the use of original covers, so reconstructing the albums in their intended original release. Covid helped as I could make more progress, but still not done with the reripping.

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