Melco/innuos dac v1

Are there some experiences in comparing innuos/melco sounding with dac v1 with nas and mac mini jriver/audirvana/amarra?

I use the Innuos Zenith into nDAC/555 DR via the Audiophilleo + PurePower USB to SPDIF. Can’t praise it enough. Highly musical and full of emotion with 552/500. The Innuos has TIDAL and Qobuz with the option to use Roon instead of LMS.

The DAC V1 has the Audiophilleo built in.

Currently playing Patricia Barber’s Cafe Blue. It sounds absolutely brilliant. Even Bobbie Gentry fans would be blown away by her Ode to Billie Joe.


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I started the Melco Mania thread, gosh its depressing read :sunglasses: in the end I didn’t try the Melco, but went Innuos Mini 2, then 3 and then Zenith and added the Audiophilleo which was all epic.

Oh with allot of guidance setup wise from @Filipe


Thanks. Your welcome.

My doubt regarding melco is about utilizing it as a player for a usb dac

My preference is for Mac mini with J River (or Audirvana) as you can use DSP to tune the sound to your room and your liking. You are also not limited to a few applications so BBC Sounds, BBC iPlayer YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Qobuz, Deezer, Tidal etc., are all available = versatility. You can also use MinimServer, Asset or Roon Core (with all its features) should you ever want to.

SQ - I couldn’t hear any difference, but that was using Chord’s MScaler as a USB to S/PDIF convertor and I now use a Chord rather than Naim DAC. That is not to say the other devices you mention are not good - more that they are not as versatile.

To be honest, if Innuos ran J River MC25 on its boxes I’d consider one because it looks so nice and well built. I’m familiar with the software, which does everything I need and not really interested in learning another package. So that may give a bias to my view.

With the honeymoon period over and having spent several months with a Zenith, I much prefer it to my previous Melco. I swapped back and forth on a couple of occasions to make sure I wasn’t just being blinded by the Innuos’ vastly preferable functionality, and whilst that would be reason enough alone to choose one, it does sound better - quite a lot better in my system.

If I was starting again from scratch, I’d start with the best Innuos machine I could afford and go from there.

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