Melco n100, and linear PSU

Hi all,
I have 2 days ago got the sbooster linear PSU to take over from the Melco supplied SMPS, My initial thoughts are very positive, more of everything,better bigger soundstage etc, but have read the odd negatives do back comment on here.I would be very interested on comments both + and -, as I have 2 weeks to send back.
Your input appreciated.

The only person to have compared Melco n100 vs Sbooster on it is @Dunc.
Personally I would not invest in a linear ps for the N100, because the N1h60/2 is clearly better.
I had the n1h60/2 and now the n1zh2.

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Thanks for reply frenchrooster,
I am currently carrying out some A/B demo comparing several tracks with SMPS and sbooster, and each time there is an improvement in the SQ with the sbooster, and for £330 it’s really a great cost effective upgrade.I will consider moving up the Melco ladder as/when I get spare Hifi funds ! On a slight change in topic but using my Melco, I have had some great customer service with an issue between my Melco and my Auralic Vega G2, Phil Harris, ex Naim who now works for Melco, has been superb in helping me resolve , a great bloke , Naims loss I guess, Melco gain.!

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Hi Graham,

A friend of mine has just reviewed the N100, which he likes and in fact bought. When he added a Plixir PSU he felt it was a worthwhile improvement.

If you have already the N100, I agree that a linear ps will upgrade.
However, starting from 0, better buy the N1h2 than N100 with linear ps, which will still be inferior for around similar total cost. The N1h60 has a linear ps inside and improved isolation for network. The N1z2 has 3 linear ps inside ( but much more expensive).

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Thanks for reply, the Plixir PSU is the one Melco recommend I know, but expensive, and the reviews of the s booster are very good, I thought I,d take a pop, and so far it is getting better all the time !
The sbooster seems very well made, I have at least 10 days to make my mind up, but somehow I don’t think it will be going back.

I am not starting from 0, and I have a matching D100 cd/ripper, so I won’t be changing anytime soon, currently really enjoying the n100 and sbooster,but comments noted.
Great afternoon of music so far !

Yes, I understand completely. I responded generally for someone who would desire to buy a new Melco server.
In your case, of course, better buy a linear ps, albeit you find a second hand N1h60/2 second hand for a very good price, and sell your N100.

french is right …if you already have than adding lps will lift you higher … but in the first place it’s better to buy N1h/2

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I had a N100 running through my NDS and tried the Sbooster on it, at first i liked what it did, as it all improved. But after switching my melco on to a separate mains from the dedicated mains for the hifi, i found the same improvement as the Sbooster.
So i returned the Sbooster and kept the melco on the different mains supply.
Also the Sbooster has a lower amp rating compared to the standard melco adaptor, this also bothered me slightly.
But its certainly worth trying the melco N100 on a different supply, but even better just moving up the melco range, which is what i did.

Hi Dunc,
Overall I have a really good uplift in sound, as you mention, more of everything going to the sbooster.
I cannot easily try an alternative mains feed for the smps.Re the amp thing you mention, just checked on the n100 and it stated 12v at 2.3 amps, the sbooster set at 12 volts, gives 3 amps,so I can’t see any issue regarding safety.I think it may be staying, for the moment, until I upgrade if I do.currently happy !:smiley:

My N100 had 4 amp printed on the adaptor not 2.3 ?
Also the more i looked into it, hifi critics that had tried a different power supply on the N100, stated that 5 amps or even 6 amps was needed to inpove it over standard.
I came to the conclusion that the Sbooster was simply removing noise from the mains caused by the rest off my hifi gear being on the same multi plug, once i removed this then the difference was removed.

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