Melco n1a2 vs unitserve / linear ps

I received my new melco n1a2 today. Didn’t managed yet to transfer my library from my unitserve.
But i transferred all my downloads.
For now, the first impressions , after few hours, is that i didn’t observed big differences between nds/ melco in direct ethernet mode vs the melco and nds connected to my cisco 2960 switch.
However it’s very hot today, 42,5 C some hours ago. So not the ideal conditions.
Vs my unitserve / linear ps, i didn’t observed big differences too, but i will share later when the melco will more run in.

I couldn’t place the melco on the fraimlite shelf, it’s too large. So i put it on another near rack. But couldn’t use the same audioquest vodka from my router to the switch, the distance is bigger now. So only the flat white melco ethernet cable supplied.
It’s easier to put files downloads to it, just plug a memory stick.
On the serve, the downloads from pc take some time , sometimes hours.

:small_blue_diamond:Frenchrooster,…Weird,.how big is it.?

A Nap 500 is big,.and it fit in a Fraim.


The Melco is 6cm deeper (front to back) than a Naim box, and the Ethernet cables connect where the Fraim back leg is. Naim boxes are designed so that the cables fit either side of the back leg.


Good luck with the run in.
Please keep us updated on progress as I’m interested in what a Melco can do.
A dealer keeps telling me that a good Melco will double the SQ of a Naim system…!

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Did a dealer really say that?

the ethernet connectors at the back are in front of the pillar of the fraimlite. So impossible to fit well on the shelf.

Yep, literally that.

In that case he is a complete idiot and should be avoided.

I’m struggling to understand a quantifiable measure of sound quality… Maybe worth asking what he uses as a measure…

I’m guessing …how much profit he makes?


Just an aside…and I realise it’s less than ideal…
The rear Fraim leg can be turned sideways on…giving better access to none Naim box’s
I have done this on one shelf and could detect no change in sound… though I’m sure someone will be along shortly to tell me I should be burned at the stake

For now, vs the sandisk usb stick in the front of my nds, the differences are minimal vs the melco n1a2( in direct mode).
I will try again the all cisco connection.
The melco has perhaps 3 hours run in, so it should also improve.
I suspect the real difference must be the big melco which starts at 5k.
I will share later, with more run in.

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today i tried the all to switch mode. Melco to cisco 2960 white model and nds to cisco. Audioquest diamond ethernet cables.
To my surprise, the all to cisco mode is more involving, times better, and the music is more alive and sharper. The bass is sharper too.
In my system the direct mode ( player switch in the melco) is inferior to the all cisco connected.
I will try some different set ups on the screen tomorrow. Perhaps not definitive conclusion. But i strongly feel that the direct mode slows a bit the music and tend to restrain it also a bit, vs the high quality switch as the cisco 2960 recent model.

Quite… I think credibility of that particular dealer needs to be questioned… unless perhaps they were comparing it with wet string before.

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Well we don’t hear much (anything?) about the PHY layer setup on the Melco including the serial clock… and it is this area that I believe provides the improvement with the Catalysts.

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The users here of Melco direct with their nd555 use all cheap ethernet switch ( @BertBird, @Darkebear, @Meni…). They prefer the direct melco mode but i don’t know if they could compare vs connection to a high quality switch.
My audioquest diamond are also removing noise and have some ethernet isolation.
I hope they will respond. However all is system dependent.

I’ve spoken to three dealers who sell Melco, not with the intention of buying one, but just in passing whilst looking at the NDX2 and Innuos Zenith. I wouldn’t take any of what they or I say/said as definitive but I came away with a sense that if you valued detail over PRaT then the Melco was more likely the product for you. Different products for slightly different markets if you like.

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in all cisco connection the prat is there. The direct mode is slowing a bit but it doesn’t lack prat in nas use.

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I never use Melco in ‘Direct Mode’ as they call it as it is horrible, so I turn that off - I have said this on this forum a few times.

But I do prefer it directly connected: switch - Melco - ND555 and it is in no way slow of poor timing but the opposite. But I do not have ‘direct mode’ option selected.

But the Melco ‘direct mode’ - I tried it selected and found it very non-involving - experimented with it not selected as a front panel option and then all the low-level detail returned.
I reported my ‘wrong’ result to Melco and they said they would investigate - and I have no idea if things improved or not later.

With a lot of these features Manufactures try to include ‘obvious’ technical ‘improvements’ that on the superficial face of it should be better - isolation is better - but does it cause another problem - and my listening result was yes, definitely.

Always listen to what it does. It is why I carefully home-auditioned and played with my demo unit and its options before purchase.