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I have a Melco N100. I use the USB connection into the USB input of a Moon 340ix amp. I understand from reading on-line that an improvement can be had by disabling the PLAYER PORT on the Melco as it is not needed in USB DAC configuration. Has anyone tried this and noticed an improvement? Also I use the display in DARK MODE which has improved things a little. Any more tips from anyone for maximising performance?

I use a Chord C line USB cable which although fairly cheap sounds excellent to me. Has anyone experimented much with USB cables on the Melco and what are your findings? Thanks.

If you use the Melco as Nas, connected only to a switch, you are to select “bridge “, not direct mode, for better sound. It had the Melco N1h2 before, was configured to direct mode. It sounded dull. Selected the bridge mode and it was clearly better, more lively.

I have my Melco connected directly to a USB DAC (in my Moon amp) via a USB cable. It does not stream any audio data over my network. My question is that in this mode is it best to disable the PLAYER port for best sound?

I can’t answer your question, not having a Melco, but avoiding streaming over a network, with its attendant issues and fusses over the best cables and switches etc, seems the best way to me and is what I do with a different system, giving me complete sound satisfaction, never fatiguing, though of course some people may prefer otherwise. But with regard to your question, can you not try in a simple A-B comparison, ideally having someone else switch over, allowing you to assess for yourself? If you don’t hear a difference then it doesn’t matter!

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Yes I can try it but I’m a little reluctant to fiddle too much in the set-up menu’s for fear of upsetting something! Thought if other people had tried it and found it worthwhile then I’ll grit my teeth and give it a go.

As far as streaming over a network goes my reasons for avoiding it are the same as yours. The Melco is just configured as a library/player straight into the on-board DAC in my Moon amp. No fuss - just a USB cable!

Sorry Pete, I misunderstood your question. I don’t know, but you can try and compare then by ears. At least I would do that.

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Thanks, yes it looks like I’ll need to grit my teeth and delve into the Melco menu’s! Shouldn’t really be a problem at all - it’s just that I’m always wary of doing something wrong and messing things up and then not being able to find out what I’ve done in order to reverse it!

You have only two modes, direct and bridge. Select one of both, listen quickly to 2 or 3 tracks. Then select the other one, and do the same.
I see no better option to be sure.
However, in your case, I would say it’s the direct mode.

When I had a Melco I had it like you via USB directly to a DAC. I found the USB cable to make a fairly audible difference so would suggest to try a few if you can, It’s worth the effort in my experience.

I think it’s configured in DIRECT MODE. I’ve now set the player port to OFF and got a slight improvement.

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I have a Chord C Line USB which sounds very good. Apparently this is an improved version of the previous Silver Plus which was very highly regarded and a reference cable for some reviewers. Lots more much more expensive options for sure but to be honest now I don’t really feel inclined to experiment further.

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