Melco software update 4.35

I recently updated the software on my N10 and now suddenly find that since the update it has been busy duplicating my entire Qobuz download library again. I now have folders called and with identical files. Periodic downloads still don’t work though, despite one of the stated fixes of the update.
Any others tried this update? What are your experiences?

I wouldn’t recommend anyone installing the new update based on my experience. I wrote to my dealer and they’re taking up the issues with Melco, if anyone is interested I will post responses here?

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I have updated to the new firmware but I don’t automatically sync to any Qobuz downloads. If I buy from Qobuz or anywhere else I download to pc, tweak metadata if required then copy to Melco from PC. Have not noticed any issues with it in my situation.

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Yes. I can download, so there is a workaround, but the automatic downloads is a nice feature, so a shame it doesn’t work.

Update from Melco UK that Japan are still working with Qobuz to fix the auto download issue. I find it strange that a software update was issued with the Qobuz downloads mentioned as one of the fixes, but it doesn’t work, but anyway I am no software designer, I’m sure it’s complicated to work through all the possible variations? But I now have two copies of my Qobuz purchases in different folders created by my Melco N10. I could delete one, but I suspect the machine would go hunting for them again.
I can’t help the feeling that Innuos buyers are getting a much better software support and service from their manufacturer than Melco customers. My dealer is onto them too, so let’s see. This thread hasn’t raised much interest, so I guess it’s a problem I’m having that others aren’t.
If there’s an answer from Melco I’ll post it here, in case it helps others with a similar issue in future.

I would be interested in the progress in solving this issue as one on the reasons I bought a Melco was the auto download capability with Qobuz, even though I am not currently using this.

So far, no news from Melco. I resisting the temptation to play around with the duplicate folders at the moment pending a solution. But OCD tendencies makes that hard :woozy_face:

Yes, I would leave well alone until a proper fix is announced, unless you really know what you are doing. In the meantime your Melco dealer might be able to offer some help. My dealer has access to Alan Ainslie and set up my Melco.

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