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Well today for the first time i decided to have a proper play with the player in the rossini, so into the roof for a few off them silver discs i went.
Well before i go on, my melco now is a N1ZS/2 but before this one i had a melco N100 and used a buffalo disc drive to rip all my CD’s over to the N100, then when i got the N1zs/2 i just made a copy off all the tracks onto a back up hard drive and copied them over to the new melco.
Well as we have plenty off time at the monent, i decided to see if what if any difference there is between the rip cd on the melco and the Rossini player, so obviously both are running through the rossini dac and using the same everything.
Well to my surprise the cd player sounded better, it had better separation, clearer detail and just more sparkle if that makes sense, so i decided to re rip a disc to the N1zs/2 to see if that made a difference. It didnt.
Quite surprised really at the difference between them, its not massive but then at this level things tend not to be, but you can hear the difference and given both to sit down and listen too, well the cd gets it.
So does that mean the buffalo drive that i used to rip all my CD’s wasn’t quite up to the job, i think so, does that mean a melco D100 needs to be got and re rip them all again, well probably, but not looking forward to that again to be honest.

So folks with a melco any advice that you have regarding the D100 and if you have tried it against the buffalo would be great, i have read reviews on the D100 and all give good remarks, but i would rather hear it from guys on here, your finding please.

Or i may just leave my ripped CD’s as they are and use it to stream round the house and for when i just want mudic on, but for serious listening get a CD out if i have the album, but that kinds off misses the point off the melco really.
Life would have been so much easier if i hadn’t got a rossini with a player built in lol and yes i know these are not real problems with whats going on, but having all the time you have to do something dont you.
Cheers dunc

All the reviews I read on the Rossini with cd transport pointed that the cd physical replay is better vs the streamed same albums from a nas. For 16/44 albums.
The strength of the Rossini is its cd transport vs the streamer.
Some guys added the DCS network bridge to fill the gap.
Only what I read, no personal experience or listening.

Here we go Dunc… You’ll have a DCS Network Bridge by next weekend…

I haven’t had a cd player for years and my last one was a naim cds2, after that started to mess me about reading discs every now and again, i got rid and got my first naim streamer and haven’t re visited CD’s till today.
I wasnt interested in a cd player and wouldn’t have paid the extra to have the rossini player if i was getting new, but by god its good.
I have even got my CD’s out from the roof, as it sounds so good, it was sounding fantastic before and i didn’t think it could get any better that i would notice, but i was wrong.
This rossini keeps on giving and didnt know its player was this good

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No can’t be spending right now, self employed and not working unless emergency and entitled to nothing.
Plus if its never going to be as good as the rossini player then i might as well stick where I am and just enjoy the rossini player when i want

I was only kidding Dunc. All the best to you in this very difficult situation. At least you have an amazing system to help keep you entertained during lockdown.

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A bit of banter does no harm dave and infact its quite good i think, as things get far to serious at times, but while you mention switches, i wouldn’t mind trying a cisco or what ever as a cheap alternative

I’ve got a Cisco switch. It was £50 off EBay. No idea if it adds anything to SQ but it’s just handy to have three Ethernet cables plugged in to it in the middle of my room.

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