Meraki MS220 audio versus Silent Angel Bonn 8 vs EE

Anyone experience with this switch? Priced a bit sharper versus Silent Angel Bonn8 which I wanted to buy. Any insights? Use for my ND5XS2 and the tv. Thanks.

What would be the better choice in your opinion. I already have a small Sbooster for power supply. I do not want to spend budget on additional (Silent Angel Forester) power supplies. Thanks for your kind advise.

The Forester brings a tremendous amount of air and weight to the Bonn N8 soundstage, with it background noise disappears and its clarity can be confusing.
These things that she does wonderfully, are at the expense of PRAT and overall consistency, the scene smooths out and goes back a good notch, the musical involvement is less.

With the SBooster, it’s more rock’n’roll, it’s rhythmic, there is more grain and fat, but all finesse. It can be found at times a bit overwhelming, which may not be suitable for some devices that already have a full low midrange (meat on the bone), but what it does on the Bonn N8, it does really well and remains inimitable.

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Hello Jan,
in my sytem the Merakki worked better the Silent Angel.With the Silent Angel my set was out off balance.Too much bass and hights.I use the Merakki with a 12v Sbooster.

With the Meraki I also use a (modified) SBooster

What works best for me is 9V (the Meraki boots from 5V).

I also have some modified Meraki

Good stuff thanks. The Meraki i can purchase also has that modification. But would that overclass the sound of the Silent Angel? Apart from any additional powersupply?

It’s different, the Meraki has a more natural restitution.
The Bonn N8 is quieter, with more extension at the ends, the medium offers more readability, but in my opinion the musicality is better with the Meraki.

Is there any difference between the Meraki and Cisco 2960?

@Crifo @JanW I use a Silent Angel Bonn 8 with Forester PSU. Very pleased. Agree with @Crifo that the Forester adds quite a lot for the money. I can only compare to the Cisco 2960 and believe the investment in the Silent Angel was worth. I don’t have listening experience with EE and/or Meraki.

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Yes, it’s one more time different :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
The 2960 is my favorite, even more musical when used alone with a 12V power supply🎵

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The 12v ps? I don’t understand, because I thought it was 48v. I had the blue, the white, and another blue with outboard ps. You are talking about that last?

No, I should have specified, my Cisco switches are modified to be able to receive an external power supply.

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Thanks all but today a real bargain passed by for both a Silent Angel and a Forester F1. Decided to buy so I can stop searching and breaking my head :). Already heard the Silent Angel at my home which was a surprising uplift. Curious what the addition of the Forester F1 will bring. Hope delivery will be next Tuesday.

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