Meridian G96

Bit of a long shot.
But does anyone on here have any experience with these machines?
I am asking this as a good friend of mine has one but it’s been nothing but trouble this last six months.

The PSU was replaced after a complete failure but ever since has been plagued by crashing and rebooting.
I’m going to be trying it in my system for a few days as I have to self isolate prior to a cataract operation next week.
Just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue with the meridian. Thanks for looking.

You would stand a better chance of getting a helpful reply if you posted on the (independent) Meridian discussion forum.

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Yes I realize that, thanks.

I don’t know the G96, but I did own several Meridian boxes and apart from the touch keys on the fancy remote had no functional problems with any of them. My son now uses them and they still work well after nearly thirty years, with not even a mech failure. I always regarded Meridian as a byword for reliability but perhaps their recent production has not maintained the standard. Or possibly just a one-off?



Thanks for the reply.
Well I’ve been using it for the last few days in both my systems .
The main system ,the G96 crashed several times in about 40 minutes playing cd’s.
Took it downstairs to my AV system and it’s been playing perfectly with no problems?

Sounds superb, probably the best digital playback I’ve heard in my system by some margin.

Very strange.

And just to add to that when it crashes it’s very much like when a PC which has been overclocked crashes whilst overheating.
That’s what it sounds like anyway to me.

Good luck with the eye operation. It is surprisingly painless and will transform your quality of life.

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Many thanks, this is my second so I’m ready for it , been waiting for over a year.

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