Metadata issues

Decided to split my Hi Res Abbey Road Deluxe file into 2 separate files, the studio album and the other outtakes etc. I have a program to assist and all went well loaded them into my download file on my Unitiserve. One went in without a hitch (the studio album) however the other appears in the menu but when I try to play it I keep getting a failed message and it won’t play, the cover which was added as per usual doesn’t appear either. I’ve tried deleting adding again and even shutdown the server but still no luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions as these kind of problems do my head in. Look forward to some help, cheers.

Oops try Vinyl mate :crazy_face:

Sorry Pete couldn’t help it just had a few schooners at that pub opposite where you got married :wine_glass:

Ha ha ha.

The London what a great pub, are you sitting on the tractor seats out the front.

Sure am - apologies taken thread off topic

Cricket to start I’ll be off now

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Yep Bolan went early

I’m a little unclear on the detail. What type of files are these, how did you get them, and do they play on a PC

WAV from HD Tracks, they play as one file.

I guess it could be the splitting software. Perhaps try something like the free Audacity software to split the WAV file

I’ve done it before with a hi res White album without any issues.

I’ve done something similar with the all Beatles anniversary albums, all from HDTracks, but in FLAC.
Using Mp3tag, I copied only the original release album tracks & made them into a new albums that I renamed as such. I edited track names (removing the Anniversary wording)
I left the full anniversary albums unchanged.
It just worked OK, not helpful I know, but just to let you know .

That might work, I’ll copy a file and convert it to flac file. I’ve changed all the metadata and file names it just seems odd that the second file won’t work. Like you I’ve done it to the other Beatle files.

g’day Pete, FLAC might be a good thing but only in that I don’t trust the UnitServe/Core with WAV.
WAV has never been a problem for me as I have a NAS, I used WAV for a few years without problems, but when Qobuz started acting the pratt with WAV metadata & finally Asset with its excellent transcoding became available for Synology, I changed all my WAV albums to FLAC & transcode.

WAV is perfectly fine in Unitiserve and Core, both rips and downloads. It’s transferring the database to another server which is difficult in WAV.

Hi David, yes I know that. My problem is I spent a few years helping someone with his US, he got into all sorts of problems (no need get into) but when I/he defaulted to rip & download FLAC, all problems went away.

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