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Perhaps a stupid question? - If for example I wished to send a copy of an album cover to someone by eMail, is there any way of extracting the JPEG (see sample above) from the files ?

Yes, I would forget the metadata editor and just navigate to the music folder, where you should see the .jpg along with the tracks. Copy it from there, or just screenshot it.
Alternatively, find the image online, which is usually very easy, and send it from there.

It’s possible that the image is embedded in the file rather than being separate as Chris is suggesting. You will know as there won’t be a separate .jpg file in your directory, just music files.

If this turns out to be the case MP3tag will allow you to extract the image out from the music file.

You’re right, it may not be visible as a separate file. It’s been a while since I’ve used dBpoweramp, so I don’t know how it handles artwork in this respect. All of my own music files have artwork in a separate file within the album folder, but they are either Unitiserve rips or downloads from various online sources.
If it was me, I’d just do a google image search and screenshot it.

If you have an album that does not have a ‘loose’ .jpg & only has the art embedded, it can be retrieved easily using the dBpoweramp Edit (as per the OP screenshot picture)
At the bottom of the screen is 3 dots (…) touch that & a popup screen gives a line to “Export to Folder”, that places a .jpg in the album track list & can be moved around, copied & attached as can any .jpg file.

You could also “cheat” by enlarging your screen resolution temporarily with the window above open, and use the Snipping Tool to capture the image from the dBpoweramp popup shown above. Inelegant, perhaps, but it would work if the other better solutions offered don’t pan out.

But better solutions offered do work out, I do it frequently

I was just offering an idea - I have never used dBpoweramp…and don’t know the technical skills of the OP…and I definitely was not maligning your tech savvy, which IIRC is among the best on the forum.

The defense rests, your honor.

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Personally I’d Google the album, select Images from the results page, pick the best example of it then r-click on it to copy or save it locally and send that.

If there’s a jpg file in your album folder it’s easy. Google will probably have what you need; it’s been the source for a lot of my rips where album art wasn’t found by the ripping app, usually dbPoweramp tbh.

If you click the three dots … under the album cover (as shown in your original picture), one of the options is to export the image to JPG.

Wow !
Fantastic selection of suggestions, thank you all so much
I should obviously stated in my post that the JPEG in question is embedded, and wondered if there was an easy way to extract it, other than (as I do at the moment) copy the screen - chop it up in ‘Pain’ & save it, or open up ‘Discogs’ and do a similar process.

The ‘3 dots’ solution works perfectly, I never knew about it, it also means the ‘loose’ JPEG is in the album folder in case required again.

Thanks again all !

For .flac files, you can use metaflac:

Exactly this.

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