Meze classic 99

Anyone on here have experience of the Meze 99 classic ?..looking to replace some ageing Senheiser phones…the Meze seem to get good reviews…any comments from owners would be appreciated.

I love them. Most comfortable headphones I’ve ever owned. And sound great. Closed back, and come with a microphone, so good for (home) office use.

They have a bit of a boost in upper bass like many modern mass consumer audio seems to have that you will need to get used to. But mainly everything is really clear, with no distortion in the upper frequencies (grainly treble) either like some have.

I found the Focal Elear at more than twice the price only marginally better. And when I say better, that could mainly be down to sounding more HiFi. So perhaps more a preference thing. Didn’t audition them very thoroughly as I knew immediately they wouldn’t be able to justify the price difference.

Can’t comment on sound but the headband looks very similar t the Empy and they’re extremely comfortable… like, wearing them all day comfortable with no hots spots.

there is plenty of threads here about the mezes.
Have you tried a search?

Had mine for two years. Fantastic headphones they make listening fun.

Funny I’m in the same camp. I bought the Elears over summer second hand but still a higher price than the Meze new and I am not 100% sold they are any better. Different yes but they are not great with all music, where I find the Mezes are and are incredibly fun to listen to. The only negative for me is the headband can make my head sore for long sessions where the Focals don’t as they are more cushioned.

I am always bemused by the idea of hifi gear doing that - does it mean they modify the music in some way? Not all music is intended to be ‘fun’, and if it is any reasonably decent system should convey it…

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It makes me enjoy it more, I keep listening for longer. They may not be the most neutral sounding but boy the sound good for it.

Ordered…delivery on Saturday…have high hopes for these.


I have a pair which I use with my Nova and they are just great. Plus they are very comfortable

You will love them…promise!

Great, musical sound and fun, albeit not the last word in transparency. Slightly too much upper bass with the stock pads and can get sweaty in the summer which causes the pleather pads to rot quite quickly. Get some sheepskin pads from Brainwavz and you’ll get an upgrade to sound, comfort and longevity.

You should perhaps try the Fostex TH610. I was looking for a headphone to pair with a portable device (my Sennheiser HD650 was hard to drive), and I tried the Meze and other headphones under 600€ and the Fostex was way better to my ears (Even better then the HD650). The only drawback is that they are big (not heavy and they are very confortable but they are big).

So…headphones arrived…delighted with the sound , also find them very comfortable, has anyone tried different cables for these?..I find the supplied cable a little “microphonic”…wondered if a different construction would solve this…btw would need to be the longer length.

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