MF LX2LPS into 5Si Best Option?

I’ve looked in FAQs searching ‘turntable’ and ‘phono’ but get zero results. The reason the question is I phoned Tech support to ask which is the best input to go for via RCA/Phono and was told any. However, the sound in either HDD, CD, or Tuner is very lack lustre and needs higher volume than any other source. Any ideas where I’m going wrong or is this just how it is for Turntables? MM selected as correct setting on the MF Phono amp BTW.

Thank you.

For turntables with phono stage connected to Nait 5i it’s best to use 5 din from amp to 2 RCA phono connectors to your phono stage.

And yes, you will need to turn it up louder. You can use any input 5Din.

The Nait 5i is a nice amp and with your turntable you should get pretty good results.

So yes, you need to turn it up significantly louder to achieve same volume as CD player or network streamer.


Is there a proprietary cable? Way back when I had the old olive Nait, I think I had a converter type plug for banana to the din, is that still a thing and/or does it defeat the object? Thank you for your help and patience.

It’s a standard Naim cable for turntables or other sources. 2 RCA from source to amp 5 pin din. Other companies make them as well, including Chord. The Naim cable is the one recommended by Naim obviously. Others may have experience with other makes.

I have bought cheaper ones than Naim for my son’s Nait 3 to connect turntable and CD player from source 2 RCA to 5 din.

Hope this helps.

I wouldn’t use an adaptor personally, it’s adding an extra connection and could lessen signal path.

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