MG4 EV X Power

Sat at the traffic lights yesterday, not really paying attention to what had pulled up alongside me. Lights go green and the car next to me takes off like a scalded cat (albeit with some tyre chirping and torque steer). Turned out to be a MG4 EV X Power….443 lb-ft, AWD and a 0-60 time of 3.7 secs.

Not really my sort of thing (SUV ish, Chinese made etc) but very impressive straight line stuff for 37K.

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It’s not an mg and it’s Chinese! Thumbs down

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Most electric cars are similarly quick off the line to be fair. My base level Tesla m3 would be similar up to 40 or so. As would my old BMW i3.

I would take either over the MG but that’s just me

Very rapid in a straight line but something of a one trick pony. I had an i3 and it wouldn’t see which way the ipace I had afterwards went let alone the mg4 xpower

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I recall that our when we bought out i3 it was the fastest car 0-30 in the entire BMW range. Not terribly relevant though. As for the AWD, that is just a twin motor designation, common in high performance EVs to handle all that instant torque.

Chinese cars are improving rapidly. They may be sold now largely on value but in a few years I predict they will compete on quality, design and desirability. It took the Japanese brands a while to do the same things, Korean brands a bit less but the Chinese will crack it quickly. The MG4 doesn’t appeal to me but has garnered very good reviews.

I never imagined I would own a Chinese or Korean car. I have now had 2x Geely-owned Volvos (admittedly designed/built in Europe) and currently a Kia EV6. It is exceptional, and high quality.


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Agreed the quality of the Chinese vehicles is getting better and better. Apparently during covid when things slowed down the Chinese government told them to concentrate on improving the quality of their cars.

That MG looks rather good on the road but I would call it an SUV.

I must admit from a practical point of view the new Volvo XC30 looks good, but i’m looking forward to seeing what Alpine come out with later this year with the A290, based on the new Renault 5.

Indeed. I thought these restored MGBs were rather nice (for a price !)


I prefer this. It may cost the same but I can’t be bothered by it. To save the environment we should limit the size of cars and only have purely electric cars.

I despise the trend of bigger bigger bigger cars. Saw one in a street today, Chinese built being 1.5 times the size of a normal car. Hideous. If people would transfer a family of 7 kids - fine. But they don’t. It’s just size and self attention. It doesn’t fit our streets.

Horrific trend.


Don’t breed. Once there are no humans on the planet the environment will be just fine.


Too late :slight_smile: we got four.

It always the those breeding who want to ‘save the planet’ and cannot make the connection that increasing the population exponentially isn’t helping.

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We cannot even replace ourselves here. We need immigration to cover it up. It’s like the late Roman period.

What helps is getting prosperity in Africa, Middle East and India. Prosperous countries produce less kids. But then they’ll start consuming more and we’re back to square one.

I’m off watching Idiocracy - great movie.

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The world population has trebled since the 1960.
At no point has the UK population gone down since the 1950s.

Anyway this is digressing and may be straying into politics :thinking::wink:

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Yup. Let’s stop. I’m sure it would have been good to have a beer and a chat in a real place. Enjoy your evening.

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This looks very nice from MG. I think it has been stated somewhere that it is probably not going to named the Cyberster in the UK.

I’m with you on this line of thought. No one really seems to get that its all about ‘conservation’. Most of the mini ans in Canada have 300 bhp or even more. If they built a minivan with 150-200 bhp, like they should have, no one would buy them. So the real issue is just us bloody humans.

Its funny, because living in Canada i get ticked off by many things, like the above, that I think are stupid for a first-world country. In conversations, people think I’m down on Canada. At that point, I say, no no I love Canada … there’s just too many GD Canadians …

I remember, maybe 25 years back, doing a whack of flights to Chicago while we were closing a deal. They were all first-class, thank God, and I was travelling with a Greek girl from Steelcase. One of the things she said that stuck with me was that a 2 litre engine in Geece was considered large and that most of the regular people had 1 litre engines in their cars. I have a 170 bhp engine in my Subarus, and they are plenty fast enough. I never hesitate to pass on a highway.

So, maybe @Guinnless is right and to really fix things you have to get rid of most of the humans.
Except … y’know, like, me … :grin:

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