Michael Fremer interviewed on the Bob Lefsetz Podcast

This is quite interesting, although rather long! The podcast host is occasionally playing devils advocate, but Fremer (as always) is not shy with a story or a comeback. Some interesting background info on vinyl manufacturing I certainly wasn’t aware of.

Edit: Forgot to mention that in the interview he did mention his own system quite extensively, having just upgraded to Wilson XVX speakers, and also his intention to replace his Caliburn turntable, but wouldn’t be drawn on specific models other than saying there “were a couple I’m considering”.

More info over on Analog Planet…

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Interesting podcast especially on the status of vinyl. Thanks.

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Welcome. Yes, I thought it interesting too, and gives a pretty good insight as to how rapidly the vinyl market seems to be expanding. Fremer’s passion always comes through (which is infectious) when you hear him interviewed like this.

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