Middlewick House (Nick Mason) Open Garden - anyone going?

I’m probably going to Middlewick House’s Open Garden day tomorrow - anyone else likely to be there to have a nosy at Nick Mason’s car collection and garden?

Commercial links not allowed, but googling Middlewick House Open Garden will give you the details. Might be an opportunity for a Naim-owners meet-up in a corner somewhere.


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Possibly just some of the collection?


Any photos for the vintage cars, planes and trains three gratefully received


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Bit of a haul for us. This time of year that’s 4 hours each way.
Shame really, as I’m a big Ferrari and classic sports car fan🫤

We went last year. Didn’t realise it was such an event. Spent an enjoyable hour in a jam in the village to get in. Nice to see the cars and garden fete. The grounds were pleasant.

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Very pleasant fun for a sunny summer Saturday. There was a very long queue to get your Nick Mason book signed and he didn’t look like he’d appreciate me adding myself to the queue, so I moved on.

Too many cars to take a picture of every one, but his seemed apposite to the forum:

Also this, from Nick’s personal history:



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