Migrating to new 300 classic

Hi Folks,

I have an option of a second hand 252 or nap 300 but was wondering maybe now would be a good time to consider thinking about migrating to the new 300 series platform instead.

My current system is the following:

Nds with xps2
282 with Hicap
250 dr

Would anyone have a good strategy on how to do this? Ideally I’d like to do it in the smallest increments possible.

Can I simply replace the 282 and hicap with the 332 preamp( without a npx300 which I could add later)
If so would this be an upgrade on my 282? Similar to a 252

Will my nds/xps work with a 332?

If not can you run a 333 streamer without a power supply ( npx300)

Will the 332 work with my current legacy(cerca 2018) 250dr?

Can you run the 333 streamer without a npx300 power supply ?

I know it’s a lot of questions, but have found the migration strategy confusing.

In short, The theory is that replacing the 282 with just a 332 will be a SQ improvement, but not as much as a 252. Adding a npx 300 then takes you above the 252. However worth auditioning first as the sound of the new stuff is a little different


That should do it.


My own experience is that this must depend on the rest of the system. With the new sound signature differences makes it harder to rank the combinations. Some say that a 332 is below a 252, my own experience was the other way around, but maybe there was something in the 250 I value less than what the 332 brings, or the rest of the system makes a difference.

Presumably you meant 252?

IMO, you have a very nice, balanced system. So… why change anything…?

Perhaps the obvious update would to swap out the NDS, for a newer streamer - such as the NC 333.

I am sure the 333 can run stand alone - with the NPX300.

Have you got a friendly dealer who can lend you the NC equipment for a home demo?

My understanding, based on subtle bread crumbs left by both Naim and users alike all over this forum, is that mixing different series together is not ideal as the tuning is always done using same generation products.

I would love upgrading my 272 to a 332, but I fear the results will be underwhelming. Moreover, both 282 and 252 have the same ancient volume pot I dislike. So I’m stuck.

Haven’t tried mixing different generations personally so all this is just speculation and guesswork on my part.

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I speculate that it’s good speculation…


Unfortunately not , there are no dealers here with all the components to try out.

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