Migration Spotify to Tidal

Hi all,
I have now decided to fully stop my Spotify subscription and move to Tidal. (The regular HiFi plan is 1$ cheaper than Spotify (sic!) and I plan to get the family plan to satisfy my teenagers’ ears (mine actually).
Question, I had lots of big playlists in Spotify, I did try one tool to convert but limited to a certain number of songs per playlist, to use for free.
Would any of you had used any other services or tools to migrate the playlists?
Thanks and have all a beautiful end of Sunday in music!

I did look once, but as I recall you needed to give the app passwords of both Spotify and Tidal, which of course makes sense, but I’m always a little suspicious, so didn’t go ahead. If you do, perhaps change the password first, use the app, then put the original passwords back.

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I’ve successfully used the “FreeYourMusic” App on IOS for this, on a couple of occasions. Seamless. I’d give it a go.

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Will Spotify and Tidal allow you to return to a prior password? Some apps won’t.

I think it’s not a big deal to change, since the devices mostly use connect or the mobile device and then do not store the password.

Ok, in the end I have been using Tune my Music service. It seems recommended from Tidal’s documentation, and you can get the premium for $4.50 and stop the monthly subscription once the migration is complete! Seems simple, fast and efficient.