Mild ear ache after listening to music

After I listen to music for an hour so I often get ear ache. The music isn’t loud and can be either vinyl or digital. My 272’s volume control can be on only 25 or 26 ( I realise this all relative though and not a universal indicator of loudness ).

I hardly ever listen to headphones as I much prefer hifi. I have an office job, frequently working from home, so am not exposed to loud noises otherwise.

I do have mild tinnitus which seems worse when I am tired but doesn’t normally bother me.

Does anyone else experience this? Could it be a symptom of something else?

With an office job and working from home, I’m guessing you spend a bit of time on the mobile phone. Could be the culprit, many have had issues using them and earache. You could go hands free and see if any change. Could be another source of electro magnetic radiation. I get occasional earache in my left ear and I suspect it’s from standing too close to a cluster of microwaves we have in the kitchen. Also of course it could be from diet and health. Looking at your avatar, earache is the least of your worries. :pirate_flag:

I don’t think it’s anything to do with a mobile phone or microwave signals from any domestic appliance.
But if it bothers you then I think it would be worth talking to your doctor and getting it checked out by a specialist. If something unwelcome is going on then knowing about it sooner rather than later is probably a good idea.




I get the same symptoms whenever I hear more than 15 seconds of any Robbie Williams track :grinning:


Hi Wilro
hope you are over this ear ache now

I used to get it when I had speakers with treble that was too bright

God help us all when they start rolling out 5G - i’m not looking forward to that at all.

I can sometimes experience earache after a bath or shower when some water may find it’s way into my ear canal and become trapped behind some wax. Usually some ear drops will eventually cure the problem, assuming this is the case. Ears are delicate things so best to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

I definitely second being seen by a specialist. Ears are delicate, as Stephen says, and we don’t know nothing about your age or system BTW. No need to worry, but take care. Just that.

I am still on 1g…

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So am I. I still use an old Nokia brick like mobile (well; compared to the slimline smart phone) where each battery charge still lasts a whole week. I also turn all my internet off at night when i’m sleeping and I wear ear plugs in bed (mainly for a inky blackness sleep). Works a treat, so far…

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I hope to make it all the way without ever having a smartphone.
Currently listening to Garden Dog Barbecue by GoGo Penguin…lovely electric jazz trio

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I could never understand adding cameras to phones when that started. And then they started making them larger, not smaller…

However, roll on some years and my son had an iPhone. We were travelling somewhere, got caught in one way system and were very tight for time before a hard time cut-off for our destination. He said “lets try the free satnav app I downloaded last week” - we did, and got there in the nick if time. (Even now I don’t have satnav in the car - I prefer to study a map and know where I’m going.)

I started thinking that was useful, and now I carry a pocket computer everywhere with me. It is a good scientific calculator, and about the same size. It is also is a portable music player. And a map, with GPS. And a satnav. And a collection of books. And a torch. And a translator. And a notebook. And a speech to text recorder. And a sound level meter. And an alarm clock. And a calendar/diary. And my camera remote control. When I have a wifi signal it is a controller for my home music library. And a live currency converter. And an email client. And an internet browser. And a fax machine. And my aeroplane boarding pass. Etc etc… oh, and I can also make and receive phone calls with it! Actually far better is that when I have a wifi connection it is a videophone with no call charges. Recently improved by upping to an iPhone 6, secondhand of course (passed on by my son!), and I’m only on PAYG because I don’t use the phone much (why, when i can have free over internet, with or without video?), and I don’t use mobile data.


That’s odd, I find the same thing!

A good ear clean and then good maintenance regime is always good.
System wise if it bright, then yes it can hurt and become fatiguing to listen to.

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