Mini cd singles

I ripped a Caitlin Carey cd earlier today and noticed that a 3” cd single was included as a bonus. I could never see the point of these at the time but I guess that they may now have some value to collectors. Does anyone else on this forum have any and if so do they ever bother to listen to them?

Donald Fagen Century’s End / 1988 Warner / Germany 3 inch CD single / W7972CD

From the film ‘Bright Lights, Big City’ - in the collection because… it’s Donald!

1 Century’s End
2 Shanghai Confidential
3 The Nightfly
4 The Goodbye Look


I have several although I don’t recall seeking them out. Arrived with other things I suspect. The how and why is lost in the mists of time for me.

Of course along with my move to streaming came the realisation that they couldn’t be ripped. I believe I’ve found most on Qobuz/Tidal and in some cases the tracks turned up on later full size CD releases which solved the issue. Buy and rip that CD instead.

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They can be ripped; if your drive has a spindle then lock in place as normal. If it’s a pop out tray or a slot feeder then insert into one of those plastic circles to make it into a 5” cd. Quite a few of mine came with the necessary plastic thing.

Mini cd adapter might be an appropriate name:


It’s an Innuos so impossible to see what it has and I don’t fancy inserting it and watching ot disappear :slight_smile:

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I love them:

I’m sorry they never caught on. Not only can a player read the TOC much quicker but they used less plastic - but who cared about that in the 80s?

They’re also very cute!



They seemed to be prevelant for a period, here is a selection from our cd singles collection