Mini disc to muso qb

I pressume you can connect a minidisc via optical cable to a muso qb? And if I can has anyone got any recommendations which player would be best. Sony Teac etc

Thank you.

I guess nobody’s tried this but it does sound possible.

The qb has an optical in, so anything will work, CD player and minidisc included.
The 2/3rds width teac decks are very nice and solid machines.
Try md-h500 (Or the 300)

HI there Sherlock_Holmes,

I have a Muso Qb (1st gen) and I also have a couple of mini disc players lying around in a cupboard, so decided to give it a go.

Yes - you can! I’m currently listening to a recording of Pink Floyd’s “Momentary Lapse of Reason” on mini disc via optical cable through my Muso Qb as I write.

I would recommend a fairly high end but reasonably inexpensive Sony model. The deck I used to replace my cassette decks (I never did like the cassette format) many years ago was the Sony MDS JB930 which can be obtained for not too much money (around £160) on Ebay. The very top of the range later Sony models go for a ridiculous amount of money (ie in the £thousands). The JB930 is pretty good (much better than the earlier or entry models) and a reasonable compromise in respect of value for money and a decent fit for what you are planning to do.

It has just occurred to me that if you are only going to be using the optical digital out of your minidisc player, you will not be using the internal DAC of the minidisc. You will be using the DAC of the Muso, and so the quality of the DAC component of the minidisc player is not important. A cheaper mini disc player than the one I recommended should be fine.

Of course, if you plan to use the minidisc elsewhere in your system as well (via its analogue outputs), then it will be worthwhile spending a little bit more on the player.

Thank you for all your helpful advice, I’m
Watching a few on an auction website, I was shocked at the price of minidiscs now, 58 pounds for a Radiohead album…

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